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Let Me Introduce Myself.

A “brief” introduction

My name is Kieran Parker and I am a Digital Product Designer. However, that doesn’t fully describe me and what I love to do. 

I have always had a passion for two things, design and business. Both share the idea of creating something from nothing, or improving upon pre-existing concepts, but often approach it in different ways. Which is why I have felt torn between the two worlds. 

Whilst studying design in Uni, we were taught that we need to aspire to be the best designer we can be, and work for the best agencies possible. But, that always felt subjective to me. “Best” could mean many things. Most work, highest paying, most popular, largest and so on. But only one thing mattered to me, and that was happiness. Happiness to me was to be able to have the creative freedom to experiment and grow as a designer, whilst not feeling restricted by a job title or paygrade. 

After graduating university, I went and pursued a job as a Junior Graphic Designer in an agency, and just like everyone else, I started the climb. But, moving from place to place and not really feeling like it was right, I quickly realized if I wanted to be able to do everything I want, I needed to go it my own.

This is where the passion for business came into it. The side that is rarely touched as a designer for an agency, and for fair reason, many designs just want to design. But I wanted more. So, I decided that I would focus on startups and small businesses. The guys who have exciting, new ideas that may or may not work, but are ready to try anything and everything for the chance.

I quickly jumped into designing applications and, as time has gone on and I have worked with more and more clients in various niches, I have become more than a designer to many of them. No longer do I just get a brief, design to spec and hand of to the client, but instead I get to come in on the ground floor, discuss concepts and tactics with CEOs and founders and become an important part of the concept. Design decisions not as a designer handed a brief, but someone with a creative mind who loves to solve problems that quite often, haven’t been done before. 

As time went on, I met a lot of people who were like minded, but none as much as an agency called Kuvio. A remote team of people who accept only the interesting products that their team would actually enjoy working on, and rejecting the rest. Even better, they take on client work not only to build relationships and create new things for the world to see, but they also do it to fund their own internal projects, which is exactly what I have been looking for. With my limited knowledge on the development side of things, Kuvio fill in the gap that I am missing in my skillset to be part of a project fully from start to finish.

I am now Director of Design at Kuvio, I am able to be both a digital product designer as well as have my foot in all things business. Discussing and planning future ideas on company growth, incoming revenue, internal projects and plenty of other exciting stuff. 

If you are not happy with what you are doing, change it. Happiness is more important than anything else. Time is the most valuable resource we have, so don’t waste it doing something you know isn’t right. It takes time, patience and a dash of luck, hopefully everyone finds somewhere they belong too.

That being said, if you have any questions about a project or startup you have in mind, contact me or to discuss it. Or if you just want some guidance, advice or just someone to talk with, I am always available for a chat!

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Have any questions, feedback or just want to say hi? You can do so by filling in the contact form, emailing me at  or you can find me on Twitter. 

Creative Reactor

My name is Kieran Parker, I am a digital designer and creator of digital products. This is my Reactor and I hope it helps power some inspiration and creativity for others.